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Lamp 4-tube UV light White

1594 Lamp 4-tube UV light White

A UV light unit is essential for the curing of gel, nail art and nail
design. Required tools and materials may not be saved at the wrong end.
The UV lamp is usually one of the most expensive equipment to purchase.
But that doesn't have to be! The appropriate equipment and UV lamps are
the be-all and end-all of a perfect nails. The nded is a very cheap
Variant that supplies yet perfect conditions and you'll totally love 4
tubes UV light unit. The timer of the light unit can be adjusted in
three different levels. He is set to 120 seconds, 180 seconds or 30
minutes continuous operation. Gel has a different curing time as nail
art creations such as, for example, 3D-Nailart. For each curing time,
the right setting can be taken accordingly to achieve a perfect result.
So perfect results can be achieved even with nail art work and
3D-Naildesign. Appropriately, the UV lamp in silver or white housing can
be selected to set up. The interchangeable plate can be mirrored, as
well as the inner housing. 4 Lamps are supplied directly to the lamp. On
our devices, we grant a warranty of three years. The UV lamps are
however excluded from the warranty. Rely on our many years of
manufacturing experience. You get this essential piece of equipment.

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