Ultra-Strong Gel System


Ultra-Strong Gel System - very strong, low temperature builder gel system. Ideal for short and extreme nail extensions. Ideal for working on forms.Available in clear and cover (for thin and thick layer). Cures in LED, UV and Hybrid.

  • Viscosity: 8, 1 > 10 (1-liquid 10-thick)
  • For short, medium and extreme length nail extensions with forms and tips
  • For lengthening the nail bed
  • Self-leveling/smooth during application
  • Super Pinchable
  • Easy application. Shape your smile line without filing.
  • Ideal for sculpting difficult shapes
  • With sticky layer
  • No drop effects on the edge (stays straight)
  • As the base layer, it is recommended to use "Base & Top" or "Multifunctional Gel"
  • Curing Time LED: 2 min
  • Curing Time UV: 2-3 min
  • Curing Time Hybrid (UV/LED): 2 min