Multifunctional Gel


Multifunctional Gel - unique UV Builder Gel . Can be used also as a base gel (for other UV gels). A powerful adhesion with a natural nail, a thin layer performs the function of a resistant primer. Indispensable single-phase material for all cases of work. Cures in UV or Hybrid.

  • Viscosity: 5, 1 > 10 (1-liquid 10-thick)
  • For strengthening natural nails
  • For extensions with forms and tips
  • Self-leveling/smooth during application
  • Super Pinchable
  • ldeal for normal and difficult nails (thin, trapezoidal, sensitive)
  • High-shine
  • With sticky layer
  • for all technician levels
  • Curing Time UV: 2 min
  • Curing Time Hybrid (UV/LED): 2 min