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LED Cover Nude

8040302 LED Cover  Nude

8040302 LED Cover  Nude

LED Cover Nude - low temperature cover gel with universal natural color, which is suitable for all skin types, medium viscosity.The color density and natural effect can be controlled with the layer thickness applied to the nail, which makes it possible to approach the natural color of the nails as much as possible. Ideal for sensitive customers. Cures in LED, UV, Hybrid.

  • Viscosity: 5, 1 > 10 (1-liquid 10-thick)
  • For strengthening natural nails
  • For short and medium length nail extensions with forms and tips
  • Self-leveling/smooth during application
  • Pinchable
  • Has a pleasant smell
  • With sticky layer
  • For all technician levels
  • As the base layer, it is recommended to use "Base & Top"
  • Curing Time LED: 1 min
  • Curing Time UV: 2 min
  • Curing Time Hybrid (UV/LED): 1 min

€ 27.75
€ 33.58 VAT included